Founded in 1991 and owned & operated by Faith Center, WFEN is Rockford’s ONLY full power, live & local Christian radio station. Known as “The Lighthouse“, WFEN is committed to shining a bright light through our music and ministry.


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Apostle Don Lyon

Apostle Don Lyon, alongside his wife Donna, initiated his extensive ministry in 1954 with the establishment of Rockford’s first Christian radio station, 100.9 WQFL, after founding Open Bible Center in Loves Park. His passion for media ministry led to the nationally aired “Quest for Life” television program and the birth of Faith Center International Ministries and WFEN Radio Station – 88.3 in later years. These ventures reflect his commitment to spreading the gospel and serving the community’s spiritual needs.

Leaving a profound legacy, Apostle Don Lyon passed away in October 2020. He was renowned for fostering faith through innovative radio outreach and touched countless lives over his 69-year ministry. Remembered as a pillar of the Rockford faith community and a mentor to ministry leaders worldwide, his impact is imprinted across generations of believers and continues through the radio waves that carry his vision forward today.


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Cori Blake

Cori Blake is new to the radio world but was destined for it since she started talking at just 7 months old and hasn’t stopped since! With a personality and voice bigger than her hair (which is hard to believe), she’s here to bring joy, laughter, and engaging conversations to your airwaves.

Her passions include cooking/trying new restaurants, traveling, semi-holistic living, and getting lost in a good book. All of which will make their way into the show one way or the other via a great story or fun little tidbit!

Last but definitely not least, her family and her faith – her rock and pure inspiration – provide the core strength underpinning all her endeavors. It’s big, loud, and full of love (yes, her family and faith😉), and she wouldn’t be here today without either.

Tune in and join her every Monday-Friday from 2-5, and listen to a show filled with vivacity, faith, fun food tips, wanderlust tales, and family anecdotes. Expect to be inspired, entertained, and engaged every step of the way.

If you want to connect with her, follow her on Facebook or Instagram @RadioCori!

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John Tallacksen

John Tallacksen was born and raised right here in Rockford, Illinois. The term “Johnny come lately” (yes, it does exist) applies to him. He had no clue he would ever be on the radio until God opened the door in 2005. If you ever see him in person, he is more than happy to share how that happened. He began hosting Gospel Country on another local Christian station and continued for four years until that station was sold and the format totally changed. Without missing a Saturday, John started with WFEN in March of 2008 and continued for another four years becoming the longest running host of Gospel Country in its history. Now, after an absence of nearly three years, he’s back.

John Tallacksen states, “I am the proverbial kid in the candy store every Saturday morning when I can be with you in Gospel Country from 9 until noon. I can’t wait until we can get together and share this ministry of Southern Gospel music. I also hope to see you at a local concert.”

When not on the radio, you might find John helping emcee a concert, singing with Professions of Faith, running sound for The Assemblymen, or spending time with his family.


“For God so loved the world that he gave us his only son, Jesus, and that whoever believes in Him will have a life that lasts for an eternity.” – John 3:16

At WFEN, we believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, and we welcome the opportunity to share this inspiration with our listeners. If you would like to learn more, please drop us a line: info@wfen.org.